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Canadian Wollastonite Joins UNDO to Help Canadian Farmers and Combat Climate Change

  Canadian Wollastonite is playing a pivotal role in one of the world’s largest enhanced rock weathering (ERW) carbon removal projects while simultaneously helping Canadian farmers. In partnership with UK-based company UNDO, Canadian Wollastonite aims to permanently remove over 1 million tonnes of CO2 in the coming years by spreading crushed wollastonite on local farmland. […]

Adding silicon to soil can help control clubroot in canola

Clubroot in canola can be reduced by up to 46% This article and  study discuss the metabolic and physical changes that silicon provides canola. Silicon consistently shows improvements in plant metabolism enabling the plant to have more of the powerful molecules that attack the disease internally while at the same time silicon accumulates in cell […]

Solutions to climate change will come in sorts of shapes and sizes

This article is from the higher-tech side of carbon sequestration solutions and features a process of storing carbon by cooling and pressurizing CO2 and then injecting it with water deep into the earth’s crust where it will react with silicates to form magnesium and calcium carbonates. These are minerals (rocks) that permanently store carbon deep […]

Innovation everywhere, this time under really thick ice

Powdered rock that can capture carbon when spread on soils as been found in quantities that could fertilize every inch of agricultural land on the planet. There would be a fair bit of work to do before this solution lands on the ground in a big way. The article is missing clues about the rock […]

Grower Profile – Cookstown Greens

This week we caught up with Cookstown Greens. They have been using wollastonite on their beets for two years and are looking to apply it across the whole farm next season. Simon explained the beets struggled with leaf spot that wouldn’t go away until they applied 1200 lbs/acre of wollastonite mixed with compost. Cookstown Greens […]