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CW Grit & Grab is a one-of-a-kind traction product that goes beyond offering the best traction you can get. CW Grit & Grab is pet friendly and good for the environment.

Traction benefits:

  • Works instantly and stays in place at warm and cold temperatures
  • Pet friendly
  • One bag goes 5x as far as salt
  • Will not corrode concrete
  • Needle and spike shape for maximum traction

Environmental benefits:

  • Replaces salt
  • Captures carbon dioxide once in the soil
  • Cleans municipal and rural waterways
  • Boosts plant growth
  • Protects lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs from salt stress


Introducing CW Grit & Grab:



“I plow snow and sand in the winter months with great results using Grit&Grab on icy walkways and driveways. I run it through my spreader no problem and find it is nothing less than remarkable.  Grit and Grab covers better than salt/sand without clumping and no freezing overnight. The traction Grit and Grab provides is better and longer lasting than the alternative.

At around the same cost,
I’ll be using it heavily this upcoming season”

Bob O. – Westport, ON



“We received a heavy load of wollastonite on a rainy day in early spring. The truck lost traction while turning and could not get out.  Sand made no difference. We unloaded a bit of wollastonite, and the truck pulled out right away.

There was no turning back to sand after that.” 

Jeremie G. – Val David, QC



Now available for bulk purchase & retail summer 2023

The sharp needle shape of wollastonite creates maximum traction, making wollastonite an ideal traction aid for walkways and road surfaces. While wollastonite does not chemically melt ice, it sticks to ice immediately, increasing traction at warm and cold temperatures. CW Grit & Grab is an excellent alternative to sand and salt mixes.

The same wollastonite is used in Grit & Grab is used as a soil amendment in agriculture to increase plant growth and disease resistance. Wollastonite in CW Grit & Grab is selected to contain the best particle sizes for maximum traction.

CW Grit and Grab is now available by the tote and truckload. Contact us for details.

Click here to read more about the environmental benefits of the wollastonite used in CW Grit & Grab

We welcome your questions and the opportunity to discuss how CW Grit and Grab can work for you.