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Canadian Wollastonite is playing a pivotal role in one of the world’s largest enhanced rock weathering (ERW) carbon removal projects while simultaneously helping Canadian farmers. In partnership with UK-based company UNDO, Canadian Wollastonite aims to permanently remove over 1 million tonnes of CO2 in the coming years by spreading crushed wollastonite on local farmland.

A Win-Win for Canadian Farmers and the Climate

Working together, UNDO and Canadian Wollastonite are helping Canadian farmers and fighting against climate change. This partnership focuses on giving farmers crushed wollastonite rock for free to spread on their land. By taking advantage of this great benefit model, farmers can expect to see higher crop yields, improved soil health, and more profitable bottom lines. Wollastonite also has carbon dioxide-capturing properties that will allow UNDO to generate durable, high-quality carbon credits. We are excited that this partnership positions farmers as active participants in combating climate change.

The Power of Wollastonite to Capture CO₂

ERW is a carbon removal technique that permanently locks away CO₂ from the atmosphere. Rock weathering has been happening naturally for millions of years, but ERW greatly accelerates the carbon capture process. Through ERW, wollastonite traps and permanently locks away CO₂ from the atmosphere. For every 1.6 metric tons of crushed wollastonite spread, 1 metric ton of CO₂ is captured. Due to wollastonite’s exceptionally fast-weathering properties, this initiative will also generate valuable data for ERW researchers in a short period. With access to 17 million tonnes of wollastonite, Canadian Wollastonite has set an initial goal to remove one million tons of carbon dioxide (CO₂) in the coming years.


A Natural Carbon Removal Partnership

UNDO’s ERW expertise brings extensive technical knowledge to precisely measure and verify the CO₂ being captured by wollastonite applied to agricultural land. UNDO has spread more than 150,000 tons of silicate rock in the UK and US since its founding in 2022, and this partnership enables the ERW-focused carbon removal company to scale its international operations.


“We are thrilled to be working with Canadian Wollastonite, it’s exciting to see wollastonite’s advantages as a carbon removal solution and a benefit to farmers across Canada.”
Rob Palmer, Director of Innovation at UNDO

Plans to Scale the Partnership

By the end of 2023, Canadian Wollastonite plans to spread 10,000 tons of wollastonite on farms in Ontario on behalf of UNDO. That figure is projected to 10X, reaching 100,000 tons in 2024. Canadian Wollastonite encourages farmers and landowners in Ontario and Quebec to get in touch and find out how they can receive wollastonite for the benefit of their soil, crops, and the planet.

“We look forward to a fruitful partnership with UNDO and highly encourage farmers in eastern Canada to get in touch with us and take advantage of this great benefit model.”
Bob Vasily, President of Canadian Wollastonite