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Canadian Wollastonite is now available at no charge for Ontario farms and we will cover the cost of spreading. Farms cover the cost of trucking. Call 613-793-7153 or email us to learn more. We look forward to working with you to make wollastonite a success on your operation.

  • Consistent supply available 10 months of the year
  • Includes silicon for crop protection and yield increasing benefits in addition to calcium and magnesium
  • Does not clump
  • Spreads like lime
  • Excellent lime alternative sells for $50/mt FOB
  • Price subsidized to $0/mt for Ontario Farms
  • Spreading costs covered for spring 2024 bookings

How do I get wollastonite?

Contact us and we will work with you to hire a local contractor to ship and spread your wollastonite.


Get the power of Calcium + Magnesium + Silicon Wollastonite is full nutrients

Our wollastonite is processed to maximize the release of nutrients and capture carbon making it a win win for agriculture and the climate. Wollastonite is an excellent lime alternative with the following analysis per metric tonne:

570 lb of CaO
1200 lb of SiO2
140 lb of MgO
30 lb of SO2
30 lb of K20

Wollastonite has a calculated CCE of 60-65% due to its high calcium and magnesium content, and wollastonite contains abundant amounts of silicon, nature’s crop insurance nutrient.

We crush our wollastonite specifically for agricultural use and we have the capacity to provide a consistent supply 10 months of the year.


Nature's Crop Insurance Nutrient Silicon

Wollastonite readily releases plant available silicon in the soil. Like N, P and K, soils vary in the amount of silicon that is available to the crop. You probably haven’t heard much about silicon, yet most cash crops accumulate more silicon than phosphorus in their tissues. In experiments where crops are grown with and without silicon, the silicon fertilized crops consistently show increased tolerance to pests, diseases, drought and temperature extremes.

This is why we call silicon the crop insurance nutrient. Replace lime with wollastonite and ensure you are maximizing the potential of this valuable element.

Learn more about silicon here


How can wollastonite fit in your operation? Next steps

Call Harris Ivens, Project Manager at 613 793 7153, e-mail: carboncapture@canadianwollastonite.com or fill out the form below to get in touch and if you want to proceed we can begin planning the delivery and spreading of wollastonite on your fields.


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learn more about Wollastonite

This video provides a brief overview of how wollastonite, shown here as CW Grow, captures carbon and benefits plants:



Join us in capturing 1,000,000 tonnes of Co2

Canadian Wollastonite and UNDO Carbon are coordinating a pioneering enhanced rock weathering (ERW) project to demonstrate how ERW can be used to capture carbon on soils across the globe. Proven in lab and field experiments at universities around the world, ERW is a low-tech, shovel-ready solution that can make agriculture part of the solution to climate change.

We are on a mission to remove 1 million tonnes of atmospheric CO2 while increasing soil fertility through a process called enhanced rock weathering.



What is Enhanced Rock Weathering?

Rock weathering is one of nature’s most powerful solutions to regulating the climate and is a tool nature has used to capture billions of tonnes of CO2.

Carbon dioxide is absorbed into water vapour and forms low concentrations of carbonic acids in rain water. When the carbonic acid in rain comes into contact with mineral surfaces, reactions take place that neutralize the acid and slowly breakdown the rock.

This reaction still captures large amounts of carbon but at a slow pace because most soils are already weathered because the surfaces of the minerals have been exposed to the elements for a long time.

This is where the ENHANCED part of ERW comes in. By selecting and crushing the most reactive rocks (wollastonite wins in this department) to a fine powder and spreading them on soil, we can accelerate and enhance this reaction to capture incredible amounts of carbon very quickly.

This carbon is captured and flushed down into the soil, waterways, and aquifers for permanent storage.




Enhanced rock weathering Is a big deal for helping the climate

Permanent storage

ERW reactions store carbon on millennial time scales. It is expected that 80% of the carbon captured by ERW reactions on farmers fields will be stored for more than 1000’s of years.

Shovel Ready For The World

Wollastonite can be spread on farmer’s fields using existing equipment used for spreading lime, calcium carbonate. Equipment and rock sources that can work for ERW are available around the globe. The same equipment to crush rocks for roads (and some of the same rocks) work great for ERW. Many rocks valuable for ERW reactions are valuable for other industries, this means the mines are often already developed and in some cases produce fine rock dusts as a waste product.

Co-benefits for crops

Wollastonite is full of useful nutrition for farmers crops. The same elements that help capture carbon are also essential plant nutrients. Wollastonite has enough calcium to replace limestone while providing silicon, magnesium, sulphur and more. Silicon is a nutrient that is well known to boost stress tolerance for environmental extremes as well as defences against pests and diseases.

Carbon Emission Avoidance

Limestone contains as much as 44% CO2 by weight and much of this can be released after it is applied. By replacing lime with wollastonite, more lime stays in the ground and that keeps 400 kg of CO2 out of the atmosphere for every  tonne of lime.