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Introducing CW Ponds+

Now available in 1 mt totes with retail bags coming in 2023, CW Ponds plus is the easy way to beautify your pond and eliminate algae. Spread CW Ponds + to stop and prevent algae blooms, CW Ponds conditions your pond water and supplies nutrients that encourage healthy plant growth.

CW Ponds+ is 100% natural and unprocessed wollastonite with benefits backed by science.

Wollastonite prevents and quickly cleans up algae blooms by removing excess nutrients. Chemical and physical removal treatments are expensive short-term solutions that stress the pond ecosystem. An annual application of wollastonite keeps ponds balanced without harming fish, wildlife, or aquatic plants.

Residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial ponds can all succumb to algae blooms in the heat of the season.  The excess algae growth is often the result of a variety of factors:

  • High nutrient concentrations
  • Accumulation of organic matter
  • Warm water temperatures
  • Low oxygen levels
  • Low amounts of water flowing through the pond

Wollastonite removes excess nutrients from the pond water. Without nutrients, the algae stop accumulating and die off, allowing the pond to process the waste and re-establish a balanced ecosystem.


A small amount of wollastonite had a big impact Case study


Before: This is a water-holding pond on a farm in Southern Ontario before treatment:

Wollastonite was added to the pond by hand, broadcasting from the shore at a rate of 16 lbs per foot acre of water for a total application of 144 lbs for this 9 ft deep pond that is about an acre in size.


Three days later, the water was noticeably more clear:


Three weeks after the wollastonite was applied, the algae blooms were gone:

The treated pond recovered quickly, while other ponds on the property became increasingly clogged with algae over the same period.

Algae growth is caused by excess phosphorus and nitrogen in the water. When wollastonite is added to the water, the calcium silicate begins to dissolve, causing the excess phosphorus in the water to bond with the calcium to form an insoluble rock called apatite. The phosphorus is no longer soluble and cannot act as a source of nutrients for the algae.

Without excessive phosphorus around, the algae cannot proliferate, which allows the system to return to balance. As a bonus, silicon is released at the same time. Many aquatic and semi-aquatic plant species thrive on high levels of silicon.


Application rate How to use

Spread wollastonite at 25 lbs per foot acre or 90 kg per meter hectare of water.

Every pond has its own ecosystem. Application rates may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Canadian Wollastonite is an unprocessed and sustainably mined mineral that is certified for use in organic agriculture.

Wollastonite is a safe and effective treatment for ponds of all types. We welcome your questions and look forward to hearing about your ponds (big or small) and discussing how wollastonite can help.


Wollastonite consistently removes nitrogen and phosphorus Research Findings

Each experiment demonstrates wollastonite’s ability to increase water quality by reducing excess nutrients

Click the heading to download the full study.

Wollastonite reduces nitrogen concentrations as well as zeolite

Wollastonite was tested against zeolite for its ability to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from a nutrient solution mimicking human urine.  The wollastonite worked as well as zeolite to help remove and crystallize phosphorus and nitrogen from the solution. Both minerals achieved over 60% nutrient removal when combined with magnesium oxide.

80% of phosphate was removed from the solution in 24 hours

Three different sources of wollastonite were compared to see which one was most effective in water treatment systems for ponds. Unprocessed powered wollastonite was the most effective however, both the wollastonite granule and slag (containing a high amount of wollastonite) were also excellent at removing phosphorus from the water.

60% of soluble phosphorus can be removed from municipal wastewater

A pilot wastewater treatment system was set up to test wollastonite use in removing phosphorus from wastewater before returning it to Lake Champlain, New York.  Results demonstrated that wollastonite could remove 60% of phosphorus from wastewater by running the effluent through the beds of wollastonite.

Wollastonite removes 98% of phosphorus in an aquaculture filtration system

A water treatment system at a commercial tilapia farm used wollastonite sand as a filtration medium and found it removed 98% phosphorus from the treated water. 


Contact us to purchase wollastonite or send a question about your pond. We welcome your inquiry.