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Large-scale field trials of rock dust applications in agriculture are precisely what we need to harness the benefits of applying crushed calcium and magnesium silicates to agricultural fields. This summary reports on the early findings of a study currently in progress.

The benefits of applying rock dust to agricultural fields are wide-ranging and economically affordable from increases in crop yields and quality. Add carbon credits, and we have a real win-win-win for profitable farming, healthy people, and the climate.

Across many studies, wollastonite is consistently the most reactive and efficient carbon capture mineral plus, and you also get the easiest and most cost-effective silicon source, shown to protect plants from climate extremes.

Agriculture is going to play a significant role in reversing climate change. Looking around at other carbon sequestration technologies proven for long-term storage that are shovel-ready and easily scalable, applying rock dusts to agricultural fields remains one of the most effective solutions for widespread and rapid adoption around the world.

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Read the full article here: How Adding Rock Dust to Soil Could Help Get Carbon into the Ground.pdf