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Got calcium? Mineral key to restoring forests

Here is an older article that provides an excellent summary of a longterm study looking at the impacts of wollastonite addition to a forest ecosystem.  For example, the treated watershed produced 21% more wood over a 10 year period. That is a huge amount of organic carbon capture and represents a massive potential for forests […]

Solutions to climate change will come in sorts of shapes and sizes

This article is from the higher-tech side of carbon sequestration solutions and features a process of storing carbon by cooling and pressurizing CO2 and then injecting it with water deep into the earth’s crust where it will react with silicates to form magnesium and calcium carbonates. These are minerals (rocks) that permanently store carbon deep […]

Innovation everywhere, this time under really thick ice

Powdered rock that can capture carbon when spread on soils as been found in quantities that could fertilize every inch of agricultural land on the planet. There would be a fair bit of work to do before this solution lands on the ground in a big way. The article is missing clues about the rock […]