Environmental Uses


Research indicates that wollastonite can play an important role in environmental management.

Phosphorus Adsorption: The silicates in wollastonite create unique conditions in the soil that promote the adsorption of phosphates in a form that can prevent run-off while still maintaining higher levels of plant availability. Canadian Wollastonite’s products are currently being used in nutrient management trials researching phosphorus management practices for both greenhouse operations and container nurseries. Follow the research link on the right to find papers describing wollastonite’s effectiveness in phosphate removal from wastewater treatment plants, constructed wetlands, aquaculture systems, and fish and swimming ponds.

Heavy Metal Remediation: Research has shown that wollastonite binds heavy metals, and it has been used to treat both municipal wastewater and in mining site reclamation projects.

Carbon Sequestration: The weathering process of wollastonite supplies calcium to both plants and to the soil system. In the soil, calcium combines with carbonic acid to create calcium carbonates, increasing carbon storage in the soil.