About Us

Canadian Wollastonite is a closely‐held mining start‐up in Eastern Ontario. Incorporated in 2001 as 2005948 Ontario Limited, the corporation has been operating under the trade name Canadian Wollastonite.

Canadian Wollastonite owns and is now mining a world class industrial minerals resource called Saint Lawrence Wollastonite Deposit (SLWD).  The deposit lands are located primarily in the north east district of the City of Kingston, Ontario and partly in the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands.

On December 10 2012, CW received approval for its mining operations from Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, having received all requisite federal and provincial environmental and operating approvals.  In doing so CW has become the first new industrial minerals mine to be approved in Southern Ontario in 35 years.

The SLWD contains +30M metric tonnes of economic minerals, proven by drilling and other exploration and development activities.  The Province of Ontario has designated the SLWD as a “Provincially Significant” mineral resource, and the official plans of both municipalities in which the SLWD is located recognize and protect the deposit for mining and mineral extraction.

Canadian Wollastonite’s deposit is the only wollastonite mine in Canada and the only commercial diopside source in North America.


Canadian Wollastonite Mine Facility